Keep your Kits Fit and First Aid Station Supervisor Trained.

Times are tough economically and companies have found it necessary to lay off employees and change routines to stay afloat.  Remember though not to  inadvertently jeopardize your compliance with Regulation 1101 of the Workplace Safety & Insurance Act when seeking smart ways to be frugal.  It might be time to do a quick  check up of your company’s  safety compliance.


  • Your first aid kit is stocked.
  • Any safety equipment is
    • working.
    • accessible to all employees during work hours.
  • First Aid Station is
    • supervised by a company employee who
      • has a valid first aid certificate from a WSIB recognized Training Organization
      • works in the immediate vicinity of the station.
  • All required information is posted where it can be seen clearly by employees.
  • Company system for keeping  detailed records of accidents or first aid treatments  is in place and working well.

And, remember, employers need to cover the cost of first aid equipment at work.

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