We offer important life-saving skills training for you, your family and employees in your own home or workplace.

CPR, First Aid, AED and WHMIS Certification Courses971655_cross_1

All levels of CPR and First Aid training including:

  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Emergency
  • Child Care
  • Health Care Provider
  • AED (Automated External Defibrillator) training

Day, evening and weekend courses available. (Fees based on course selection and number of participants.)

To book your course call 

STAMAR E.M.S. 674-991-7360


In order to be safe,  it is imperatvie that people get to try to use the equipment and practice the physical moves they may need to save a life.

Stamar EMS knows that safety isn’t about thinking it’s about acting.

We don’t train people to think about safety but teach them how to be actively safe and how to act and react in an emergency situation.

Individualized to meet your needs

We have found that no group seeking our training is exactly alike and so we strive to create training that specifically addresses your groups unique situation. Furthermore, we know that each group will learn better with examples that are relevant to their situation and have developed a wide variety of approaches to meet the needs of a specific group.

STAMAR EMS has modified standard CPR and First Aid courses so that each group of participants are trained based on their individual needs. For example, in the CPR course specific to Dental Offices, the participants are taught how to perform CPR in a dentist’s chair.  For Parents, the emphasis of the CPR course is child and infant emergencies.

Furthermore, we pride ourselves in reaching each individual in a group and understand that everyone has different learning styles according to their personality, and where they are in their life at that moment.  We adjust our training to ensure that each person receives top-notch training. We understand that adults learn differently than children, and people have different processes they need to go through in order to learn.

We specialize in training:

  • hospital and medical staff
  • dental staff
  • children’s camps councillor
  • high school students
  • career college students
  • vocational institutes
  • office workplaces
  • industrial workers
  • families and nannies

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