PADAnyone who watches TV is familiar with the fictional representation of defibrillation when the character’s heart stops beating, they rip open the person shirt, place gel on metal plates, yell “Clear!” and the patient jerks wildly.  We see it so often in television because a defibrillator is truly is a miracle device that is used every day to save lives. The convulsive jerky motions depicted on TV, however, are rarely a symptom of actual defibrillation.

It true that once a person’s heart has stopped, there is little time to save their lives.   Defibrillation has the power to start a heart beating again and recently, these devices have been designed to be simple to use, portable and made publicly accessible.  Luckily, their availability, due to wise corporate and governmental action, has become more frequent.  It is expected that if they are not already in your workplace, shopping center, airport, restaurant, hockey rink, movie theater, sports complex, amusement park, University, fitness center or church, they soon will be.

And as their availability grows so does our public responsibility to know when and how to use these important devices in order to respond immediately and save our loved ones or others in distress.

STAMAR EMS can provide you with this knowledge. 

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